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1/16 Updates

| Saturday, January 16, 2010
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  • Linebackers Adam Herring and Spencer Pybus and offensive lineman Vance Smith have retired due to injuries.
    • "Those are three great, great kids who love football," Chizik said. "You have to look at what your quality of life is going to be 30 years from now. Medically, it was their decision to stop playing."
  •   Defensive lineman Cameron Henderson, who was suspended for the entire 2009 season, has left the team and is no longer enrolled at Auburn.
    • "The best of my knowledge he's transferred to another school,'' Chizik said.
  • Chizik said no one has contacted him requesting permission to interview offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn and he expects the staff to return completely intact in 2010.  A few LTU websites reported that Malzahn was interviewing there today, but he's attending the Auburn-Kentucky basketball game.   
    • "I've talked to all of our assistant coaches. My goal is being able to keep all of our coaching staff in tact. There has been no official contact that I know about. I fully anticipate having our staff fully back together. I think everyone understands how the rumor mill works and the different things that get out on the internet sites," Chizik said. "There's a lot of things out there that I think people simply know aren't necessarily fact."
  • Aairon Savage will apply for a sixth year of eligibility and Chizik is optimistic he will receive it. Savage definitely wants to play in 2010, Chizik said.
    • He has missed the past two years because of leg injuries.
  • Wide receiver Tim Hawthorne, who left the team at midseason, may transfer and play somewhere else.
    • "He was pondering that. I don't know what he'll choose to do. We wish him the best,'' Chizik said.
  • Running back Eric Smith, quarterback Tyrik Rollison, and fullbacks John Douglas and Jason King are enrolled in school and still on the football team.
    •   "They have a lot of work to do," Chizik said.
  • Chizik fully expects safety Mike McNeil to be ready for spring practice. 
  • Chizik said he and the team are helping DT Mike Blanc try to reach his father in Haiti after the disastrous earthquake that took place there earlier this we week.
    • "We're doing all we can to help," Chizik said. "Right now it's just a tough situation."
    • Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10.00 to the Red Cross.
  • Five Star Wide Receiver  Markeith Ambles plans on visiting Auburn sometime this week or one of the final two weekends in January.


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